The 2nd December Declaration

On 2nd December 1766, the Swedish King enacted a ‘Gracious Ordinance Relating to Freedom of Writing and of the Press’, the world’s first legislation guaranteeing the right to a free press.

Today, journalists around the world depend on this right to uncover corruption, provide transparency and demand accountability. However, verbal threats and hate speech increasingly put this function at risk.

On the 250th anniversary of this important legislation, we call for greater worldwide efforts to protect all media professionals, wherever they may be challenged.

We, the undersigned, believe in the need to strengthen and support free, independent and professional journalism, however and wherever necessary. Professional journalism is our most effective means of countering disinformation and combatting hate crimes. It is the best weapon we have against all types of prejudices.  Journalists are on the front line when it comes to protecting freedoms in society - and women journalists are often the most vulnerable and exposed. They are targeted, not only because they report on the abuse of power, but because they are women.

We therefore draw particular attention to the specific dangers facing women journalists and underline the urgent need to do more to counter the growing hostility felt by women across the globe towards their right to freedom of expression.

We denounce those who use threats and hate to silence the women who are making their voices heard. This constitutes not only a threat to quality journalism, but also to equality and ultimately to democracy itself.

We wish to use this historic day to pay tribute to all women journalists who are defying death threats, sexual violence, physical and psychological abuse, hate speech or online intimidation to pursue their professional calling. Women who continue, despite such pressures, to provide citizens with the information they need to make informed decisions about their lives, their communities, and their governments.

The 2nd December Declaration is an initiative by WAN- IFRA, the World Association of Newspapers and News Publishers and the Fojo Media Institute.

It is presently being offered to publishers and journalists all over the world, providing them with a possibility to display their support to women journalists and their conviction of the need for free, independent, professional journalism.

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List of signatories

Name Company Position
Fatma Lotfi Hemisa EMDP Journalist, Translator
Ilaria Fevola WAN-IFRA Legal Researcher
Mats Djurberg Swedish National Commission for UNESCO Secretary General
Abier Mohamed Adawy Genidy Welad El Balad Reporter
Abiodun Salawu North-West University Professor
Alan Soon The Splice Newsroom Founder & CEO
Alberto Mardegan Independent Software Developer
Alberto Miglio University of Torino Legal Researcher
Aleksi Jantti Independent Account Manager
Alison Meston WAN-IFRA Director, Capacity Building, WIN
Amanda Vermeulen Former Journalist
Amina Frense Institute for the Advancement of Journalism(IAJ) Board Chairperson
Anders Nilsson Mediehuset NA Publisher
Andrew Heslop WAN-IFRA Director, Media Freedom
Anette Novak Fojo Media Institute Vice Chairperson/Board Member, World Editors Forum
Aniesha Bulbulia Institute for the Advancement of Journalism Marketing & Business Development Manager
Anita Kusuma Wardana PT Bosowa Media Grafika (Tribun Timur) Editor Assistant
Anki Hagberg Retired Journalist
Anna Benker Folkbladet Editor-in-Chief and Publisher
Anna Falk Södermanlands-Nyheter/Sörmlands Media AB Editor-in-Chief
Anna Gullberg Gefle Dagblad Editor-in-Chief
Anna Gullberg Gefle Dagblad Editor- in-Chief and Publisher
Anna Körnung Lokaltidningen Mitt i Editor-in-Chief
Anna Lindberg Östgöta Media Publisher
Anni Mattila Independent Journalist
Åsa Tillberg Widell Nyhetsbolaget CEO
Asha Phillips CrowdTangle APAC Accounts Director
Asmaa Badr YOUM7 Journalist
Awande Dlamini Independent Media Marketing and Brand Officer, Co Founder Press Club South Africa
Ayesha Mall Journalism Academic
Baria Alamuddin Alhayat News paper Foreign Editor
Baria Alamuddin Alhayat News Paper Foreign Editor
Batoul Khalil Al-Modon Online Newspaper Journalist
Batsho Dambe-Groth Women in News (WAN-IFRA) Coach- Botswana
Bazlur AHM Rahman Bangladesh NGOs Network for Radio & Communication Chief Executive Officer
Benedicta Asiimwe Nation Media Group Journalist
Björn Olsson Fotograf Björn Olsson Press Photographer
Carlos Guyot  La Nación Editor-in-Chief
Carmen Aristegui Aristegui Noticias Journalist
Catherine Hansson Voice and Speech Lecturer
Cecilia Krönlein Göteborgs-Posten Editor-in-Chief
Charlotta Friborg UNT Editor-in-Chief
Charlotte Andersson Independent Journalist
Cherilyn Ireton WAN-IFRA Executive Director, World Editors Forum
Cherotich Tanui Freelance Journalist
Chiara Carter Weekend Argus Editor
Christer Kustvik Östgöta Correspondenten/ Motala & Vadstena Tidning Editor-in-Chief
Christian Lewenhaupt Independent Business Developer
Churchill Otieno Nation Media Group Managing Editor - Digital
Claudio Cocorocchia The World Economic Forum Head of Shaping the Future of Information and Entertainment
Daniel Nordström VLT, Arboga Tidning, Bärgslagsbladet, Fagersta-Posten och Sala Allehanda Editor- in-Chief and Publisher
Daniel Nordström VLT, Sala Allehanda, Fagersta-Posten, Bärgslagsbladet/Arboga Tidning, Mittmedia Editor-in-Chief
David Callaway    The Street CEO  
Dawar Khan Jang Media Group Sub-Editor
Dessi Damianova Free Press Unlimited Program Manager Asia
Editha Caduaya Journalist
Eladio Muchacho-Unda Diario de los Andes Editor
Elisabeth Ubbe Eubbe Press Photo Journalist
Ellinor Höglund Wetterwik Independent Journalist
Emang Bokhutlo The Voice Newspaper Botswana Editor-in-Chief
Emmanuel Dogbevi Ghana Business News Managing Editor
Erik Bjerager Kristeligt Dagblad Editor in Chief
Ertuğrul Özkök Hürriyet Columnist  
Eva Burman Eskilstuna-Kuriren Editor-in-Chief and Publisher
Farah Wael WAN-IFRA Digital Content Manager, WIN
Fatemah Farag Welad ElBalad Media Founder and CEO
Fatuma Abdullahi Freelance Journalist/ Communication Consultant
Ferial Haffajee Bloomberg Journalist
Fiona Tipping Fix Media Designer
Franz Kruger University of the Witwatersrand Head of Journalism Department
Galina Timchenko Meduza CEO
Ghias Aljundi Independent Consultant
Gilles Demptos WAN-IFRA Director Asia
Glenda Daniels Wits University Media Studies Senior Lecturer
Habib Bedd Associated Press Video Journalist
Håkan Holmberg UNT Political Editor
Hanna Andersson Fojo Media Institute Board Member
Hanne Aho Union of Journalists in Finland President
Hans Lindeberg Östersunds-Posten Editor-in-Chief
Hedvig Lundstrom WAN-IFRA Project Assistant, Media Freedom
Helena Thorén Axla Information AB Journalist
Helje Solberg VG TV Editor and CEO
Ingvar Näslund Västerbottens Kuriren Editor-in-Chief
Izak Minnaar SABC Digital News Editor
James Evelegh InPublishing Editor
Jan Justegård Tranås-Posten Publisher
Janne Makinen Anima vitae Lead lighting/compositing artist
Javier Garza ICFJ/ World Editors Forum Newsroom Safety consultant
Jeanette Gustafsdotter TU / Swedish Media Publishers Association VD/CEO
Jesper Højberg International Media Support Director
Jessikka Aro Yle Kioski Journalist
Jonas Kanje Helsingborgs Dagblad Editor-in-Chief
Jonas Nordling Swedish Union of Journalists President
Joseph Odindo  Standard Group Group Editorial Director
Jothi Jeyasingam Sun Media Corporation Sdn Bhd Deputy News Editor (Digital Media)
Jovial Rantao The African Editors Forum African Editors Forum
Joyce Babe Pañares Manila Standard City Editor
Juha Rekola Vikes - The Finnish Foundation for Media and Development President
Jukka Holmberg Finnmedia CEO
Kalle Sandhammar NSD Editor-in-Chief and Publisher
Kamrul Hasan Syed Bangladesh NGOs Network for Radio and Communication (BNNRC) Coordinator, Knowledge Management for Development (KM4D)
Karabo Rajuili amaBhungane Centre for Investigative Journalism Advocacy Coordinator
Katarina Berg Independent Reporter
Kersti Forsberg Fojo Media Institute Director
Kerstin Neld Sveriges Tidskrifter CEO
Khan Sophirom Rasmei Kampuchea Daily Freelance Journalist
Laura Castellanos Independent Freelance Journalist
Lilian George Timbuka Mwananchi Communication Limited Journalist/Sub-Editor
Line Nielsen International Media Support Program Manager
LIsa MacLeod Times Media Head Digital
Livia Podesta The Swedish Institute Media Relations Manager
Lizette Rabe Department of Journalism Stellenbosch University Professor
Lorrencia Nkrumah Freelancer Former Journalist with Citi Fm Broadcast Journalist
Lotta Sellberg Independent Journalist
Lucía Lagunes Cimacnoticias Director
Mandla Langa PEN South Africa Executive Vice-President
Marcelo Rech RBS Editorial Vice President/ President, World Editors Forum
Marcus Melinder Norran Editor-in-Chief
Margareta Nordqvist Eidensten The Consular Corps of Stockholm President
Margie Orford PEN South Africa President
Maria Midorie Lijauco Inquirer Publications Inc - Cebu Daily News Lifestyle Editor
Maria Steen Fotograf Maria Steen Photo Journalist
Marie Blomgren Independent Journalist
Marie Hillblom Katrineholms-Kuriren/Sörmlands Media AB Editor-in-Chief
Mariona Sanz WAN-IFRA Project Manager
Marisol Aliaga Journalist
Mathatha Tsedu South African National Editors Forum (SANEF) Executive Director
Mathias Dahlström Exakt Media Editor
Mats Willner Norrköpings Tidningar Editor-in-Chief
Matti Istanmäki Freelance
Matti Kalliokoski Helsingin Sanomat Editorial Page Editor 
Max Turunen Freelance Illustrator
Melanie Walker WAN-IFRA Director, Media Development
Michael Cooke Toronto Star Editor in Chief
Michael Oghia Hivos iGmena Communications Manager
Michael Sarpong Bruce Freelance Communication Strategist and Journalist
Michel Golden New York Times Vice Chairman
Michelle Ferrier Founder
Mikael Rothsten Nya Wermlands-Tidningen Publisher
Mikael Sönne Västerviks-Tidningen Editor-in-Chief
Mimmi Karlsson-Bernfalk Norra Skåne Editor-in-Chief
Moses Moyo Inner City Gazette Publisher
Najat Gemayel Editorial secretary
Nelson Mucandze Magazine Independente Journalist
Nina Hjelmgren FOJO Journalist
Ola Sigvardsson Allmänhetens Pressombudsman, PO Press Ombudsman of Sweden
Ola Theander Retired and Freeelancing Editor-in-Chief, Editorial Page Editor
Pamela Ofori Boateng Ghana Business News News Reporter
Patrick Daniel Singapore Press Holdings CEO    
Per Gustafsson Skaraborgsbygden Publisher
Per-Anders Broberg Utgivarna CEO
Per-Anders Broberg Utgivarna VD/CEO
Peter Franke Värmlands Folkblad Editor- in-Chief and Publisher
Peter Hjörne Göteborgs-Posten Editorial Writer
Petra Quiding Fojo Media Institute Deputy Programme Manager
Petteri Aki Lehtinen Journalist (DSocSci / MA) Freelancer
Pia Rehnquist Sydsvenskan/HD Editor-in-Chief/Publisher
Rana Sallam Masry el Yome Video Journalist
Rankin-Reid Jane Freelance Writer/ Editor
Ranya Radwan NOW News Blog Editor
Raymond Louw PEN South Africa Vice-President
Reginaldo Tchambule Magazine Independente Reporter/Journalist
Remmy Nweke DigitalSENSE Africa Media Group Group Executive Editor
Robin Monheit CrowdTangle Director, Accounts
Ronelle Rademeyer Republikein/Namibia Media Holdings News Editor
Rosie Mpassou Massengo Africanews News Coordinator
Samar Haddadin Alrai Newspaper/ Member of the Jordanian Press Association Council Managing Editor
Sami Sundelin FRF Freelancer
Sanay Gupta Dainik Jagran Editor-in-Chief & CEO 
Sara Reinholtz Interactive Institute Swedish ICT Project Leader and Design Researcher
Sofia Olsson Olsén Aftonbladet Editor-in-Chief, CEO and Publisher
Sofia Wadensjö Karén Vi Media AB Editor-in-Chief/Publisher
Staffan Hasselgren Tidskriften Alkohol& Natkotika Editor- in-Chief
Sunarti Sain Radar Selatan Daily Newspaper (Fajar Group) Editor in Chief
Sven Aarnes Retired TV-journalist
Tapera Chikuvira Independent Journalist
Tasneem Abdullatef Editor
Thu Nguyen Independent Communications Specialist
Timo Toivio Independent Business Manager
Tomas Brunegård WAN-IFRA President
Torun Börtz YA Journalist
Toyosi Ogunseye Sunday Punch Editor     
Tuna Asino Freelance Journalist
Ulrik Petersson Meg Program Director
Ulrika Engström Swedish PEN Boardmember
Valerie Nguekam Edithe Journal le Zenith Reporter
Vincent Peyrègne WAN-IFRA CEO
Vladimir Sungorkin Komsomolskaya Pravda General Director, Editor-in-Chief
Wafa' Abdel Rahman Filastiniyat Director
Walaa Shamali Alhayat al Jadeeda Newspaper Editor
Willie Mponda The Sun Editor
Wilson Kelvin Kasiwulaya The Ombudsman Reporter
Wolfgang Krach Süddeutsche Zeitung Editor in Chief/First Vice President, World Editors Forum
Ylva M Andersson MAY Strategies AB Senior Advisor
Zabrina Holmström Finnish National Commission for UNESCO Secretary-General
Zaffar Abbas Dawn Editor
Zofia Mazur Student

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